The Spring Buskers

A couple of years back I was living in Paris.  One day at the start of Spring, I took a walk around the streets near our flat, and took some footage of the streetlife there.  There were buskers and beggars and all sorts.  Some were worth a second look and a listen.  So here is a tiny sketch, a mini-doco, a clipped collage, or whatever you like to call it, of some characters I met out walking that day.

Consider it a new addition to my short film clip series, “Paris Calling”, from back in 2010.  It’s a little glimpse of what comes out of the woodwork in the French Spring …

(Best at full screen with sound up.)


Footage (2010) & editing (2012): copyright and all rights reserved by author.


One thought on “The Spring Buskers

  1. etnobofin2 says:

    And spring in Paris, two years later, is just as gorgeous. Except the accordeon guy has switched to violin 🙂

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