The Cuckoo Post

The Cuckoo

The Cuckoo
(Photo: Wikipedia/MDF)

A new phrase to coin?

Here’s a Facebook phenomenon that’s dying for a name …

Friend A has something posted on his wall by Friend B.  Person C sees this post, and comments on it, directing the comment at Friend B. Friends B and C then proceed to have a conversation entirely unrelated to the original post, on a topic to which Friend A cannot contribute.  But the conversation is taking place on his wall, often developing into a huge string of comments, and eventually occupying most of his news feed.

When cuckoos breed, the pair lay their eggs in another bird’s nest, leaving them to hatch and take over that nest.  Friends B and C are the cuckoos here – while poor old Friend A is that other bird, who has to put up with his friends’ little nest-egg of a conversation slowly filling up his wall.

A cuckoo post, ladies and gentlemen.  For that is what it is.

Of course, I may be over-analysing this …


A recent post on someone’s wall …
(Photo: Mull)


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